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Click here to see the map from the University of Pennsylvania Tikal Project.

Doug Stern is a collaborator of www.tikalpark.com & was the Graphics and Illustration Director for U.S. News & World Report. He is now focusing full-time on his career as an illustrator and although he has shifted his focus from illustrating temples & palaces, as he did for many years for National Geographic, he is still involved in different archaeological illustration projects. He
feels his Tikal illustration will find a more appropriate place on our website rather than buried in his archives. This illustration originally appeared on page 45 of Smithsonian Magazine's main article, on July 2004, whose cover features the "Beguiling Tikal: Mysteries of the Ancient Maya". The main article's title was Secrets of the Maya: Deciphering Tikal (pages 42- 48).

Thanks Doug! You are a real star by letting us share this great 3D image of Tikal with our visitors at www.tikalpark.com

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