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1. The Park Director is the maximum authority within the park, and works to the Institute of Anthropology and History, a branch of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Government of the Republic of Guatemala.

2. The Park’s Administrative Building is found behind the museum area, and houses the Park Director’s, the Park’s Secretary and the Head Park Guard Inspector’s Headquarters.

3.There is main entrance, 17 kilometers before reaching the ceremonial center, is clearly marked and park guards collect entrance fees here and are obliged to give you a ticket, which you must keep at all times and produce it when park guards at a second check point require it from you. If your hotel provided you with a tour, please ask your tour guide to give you your entrance ticket so that you may use it when not with a group.

4.  All vehicles are required to make a stop at the main entrance. It is possible for the park guards to search your vehicle entering or leaving the park’s premises.

5. Use only the designated parking lots.

6.  Private vehicles are barred from the ceremonial center.

7.  Park guards have the authority to expel you from the park for indecent behavior.

8. In case of an emergency you must contact the park’s authorities immediately, a park guard will always be available at all times at the main architectural complexes and temples. Park guards always carry radio equipment and may ask for assistance on your behalf.

9. Transportation and assistance is provided to elderly and physically disabled visitors, the service is provided free of charge, but you may thank park transportation personnel with a tip.

10. Water and soft drinks are sold behind Temple II and at the foot of Temple IV, beers are sold, but consumption is limited to a maximum of 2 beers per person.

Tikal Temples I and II, June 2006

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