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1. Tikal National Park is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., every day of the week, 365 days a year.

2. There is a US$ 20- 22 (Q 150 quetzales) fee to enter the park between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., valid only for the day on which it is purchased. Formerly you could use the park entrance fee for the following day if you had arrived at the Tikal National Park after 3:30 p.m. This is no longer the case, as this led to much confusion and this policy has been eliminated altogether. You may visit the park outside its normal opening hours -between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. or between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.- but only if you are staying at one of the lodges at the park and are accompanied by a certefied guide. This means you may see the sunrise or the sunset at Tikal. The entrance fee for the sunrise is a separate entry fee. The same goes for the sunset. This means that you MAY visit the park outside its regular opening schedule but you will need to pay a fee of US$ 12- 13 (Q 100 quetzales) each time you want to visit outside the regular schedule. This means that if you wish to see both the sunrise and the sunset you will need to pay this special entrance ticket twice. In other words, 2 separate payments are required to see the sunrise and to see the sunset, in additional to the park's regular entrance fee to visit the park during its normal opening hours. Furthermore, the prices are charged in Guatemala's national currency, the QUETZAL, and NOT in US$ as this fluctuates on a daily basis and compared to the quetzal the dollar has been showing steady devaluation in the past months/ years. Park guards take only cash and are not equipped to take credit card payments at the TIKAL NATIONAL PARK entrance gate.

3. There is a US$ 1.50 (Q 10 quetzales) fee to enter the Lithics museum and the Sylvannus Morley museum. The entrance fee to the museusm is NOT included with your park entrance fee.

4. Respect and observe the parkís authorities' instructions.

5. Smoking is allowed within the park, but visitors are strongly advised to take their cigarette buts and ash back with them, it is forbidden to throw away any burning matches or cigarettes in the park.

6. You may not pay tips to any park guards, it will be considered bribing, which is considered a serious offense at the Tikal National Park.

7. Visitors are advised to follow the parkís rules.

8. Walk within the designated paths only and follow the signs, use these for orientation and stay off the restricted areas for your personal security.

9. You may climb on some of the monuments, however, some are strictly off limits.

10. Do not climb on the temples if you feel unfit and watch your step at all times, specially on wet stones and logs. You are in the park at your own risk.

11. If you climb temples and monuments, make sure you contribute to the safeguarding of its architectural features: donít destroy the monuments.

12. When climbing temples, do not make any new trails to climb up and keep strictly on the trodden pathways and the main stairways: do not trample over the monuments.

13. Do not cut down any of the vegetation, cutting objects are strictly prohibited within park premises.

14. Do not throw any trash in the park.

15. Do not feed jungle animals.

16. Do not carve any graffiti, touch, lean or sit on any archaeological monument.

17. Do not make any rubbings of the sculptures of Tikal.

18. Do not turn over any stones or logs for your personal security and for preservation purposes.

19. Do not collect any animal, insect or plant specimen.

20. For any scientific purposes, the appropriate paperwork is necessary for the collection of specimens, photography and research.

21. Do not film for commercial purposes without the appropriate paperwork.  Filming at Tikal requires a special permit, issued only by the Institute of Archaeology and History I.D.A.E.H. ( Instituto de Antropologia e Historia ) in Guatemala City.

Filming in Tikal requires a special permit. Please make sure you have it before you set out to your filming expedition to Tikal . We may assist you in obtaining this permit from the Institute of Anthropology and History. (June 2006)

22. Making fires of any kind is prohibited, except for ceremonial purposes, which requires a special permit, issued only by the Institute of Archaeology and History I.D.A.E.H. ( Instituto de Antropologia e Historia ) in Guatemala City.

23. Use the restrooms provided by the park, which are found in the rest areas adjacent to the monuments.

24. Within the park, there is a speed limit, of 30- 40 kilometers per hour.

25. Do not blow your horn while driving through the park, and do not play any hi-fi within the ruins.

26. Do not hunt within park premises or adjacent to its area of influence; firearms are strictly forbidden within park premises unless you carry a permit from the pertinent authority.

27. To continue on to Uaxactun through the Tikal National Park, it is necessary to obtain a special permit at the Park's administration.

28. By no means are visitors allowed to be within the ruins after hours.

29. For guests who stay at the hotels within park premises, the admittance into the park's entrance may begin at 5 a.m.

30. Lights are turned out at 9:30 p.m., so guests are advised to be at their hotels before this time and to bring a flashlight for your comfort and convenience.

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